Our Story

First, I must say kudos to you for being willing to visit our website.  It has been a work in progress, and an idea we’ve had for awhile.  We hope you will stick around and join us for many years to come.   Now on to Our Story…

Once upon a time, there was a family of 4 driving to Chic Fil A.  Ok, the family of 4 is us.  We love Chic Fil A, especially Dustin.  We visit there so often we were cordially invited to join the, “secret”, A-list club.  We’ve even got the shiny, silver, fancy-looking card to prove it.  Anyways, where was I?  Oh yea, we were heading to get lunch.

This was in February 2014, so we’ve forgotten some of the details.  To sum it up though, we were really wanting to go somewhere, anywhere.  On our way home from getting lunch Dustin mentioned going to Key West.  I had never been so I said, “Why not?”  Well, looking back there were a few reasons why we shouldn’t have gone…

  1. It was 1pm on a Saturday.  It takes a minimum of 12 hours, from our house, to get to Key West.  Guess who had to work on Monday?  Yeah…he didn’t make it.
  2. February is apparently a popular month to go to the Keys.  So there were no, reasonably priced hotel rooms on the island.  However, I did find a hotel in Florida City.
  3. We decided to stay at a hotel in Florida City.  Enough said.  I blame the reviews for the hotel.  80% of people who previously stayed there would recommend it to others.  Well, we don’t.

So, we packed up the boys and headed south.  We were so excited to take Hayden and Owen to The Keys.  Our trip was a rather disappointing one though.  First, our hotel was awful.  Then Sunday we drove down to The Keys, only to realize just how crowded it was.  We didn’t even get out of the car except to eat lunch, which was no where near the “happening area” of the island.  We drove past the southern most point in the U.S..  I couldn’t even get a could picture, proving we’d been there, because of the mob of people.

We finally made it back to our hotel that night, only to find 2 men arguing violently in the room next to ours.  After our long day of disappointments in The Keys, we were ready to just go home.  Usually a hotel is supposed to be a “home away from home” right?  Well this one wasn’t at all.  It did not feel safe to stay another night, so we left.

      Our one and only picture to prove we                                                  were in Key West.                                 

We headed straight for Disney World.  I found a fantastic hotel near Disney Springs, and upon check-in they upgraded us to a suite!  It was a complete opposite from what we had just came from in south Florida.  Thankfully that year we had annual passes to Disney.  So, the next day that’s exactly where we went.

Even though the trip was less than spectacular, we learned that all 4 of us love spontaneity. Taking unplanned road trips are “our thing” now.  Dustin and I have decided that we would rather travel and see the world more than anything else.  I’m currently trying to convince him to let us sell everything and travel abroad for a year.  Ya know, carpe diem.  I’m sad to say that I’m loosing in this battle, for now.

So, there you have it.  Our spontaneous yet depressing trip to The Keys is how it all began.  Since then, we have went on so many random adventures.  The look on the Hayden and Owen’s faces when we finally get to explore our new destination is priceless.  Hayden is actually the one who wanted us to start sharing our adventures.  He mentioned to us that we should make videos of them.  We did one and now we are hooked.  It’s exciting and fun for us and the boys.  Our family videos and now this site, will be a comfort in the future when we want to relieve the moments.

Incase your wondering…we are going to go back to The Keys.  We’ll just do it right next time and research much, much more.

Until our next adventure,